Hawaiian Fried Brown Rice

Yesterday I made a pot of brown rice in my rice cooker and placed it in the fridge once it was done after fluffing and separating the grains. Tonight I chopped up some ham,pineapple,green and red bell peppers,onions,garlic,ginger, crab,carrots and leftover salmon. Basically everything I needed to use up in my refrigerator. I first scrambled two eggs and removed it from the wok,then I sauteed the onions and other aromatics(ginger,pepper and garlic) vegetables and meat separately. I then continued to add everything back to the wok and lastly added in the seperated rice. Finally I seasoned with sesame oil,a little oyster and hoisin sauce, salt,soy sauce(be careful as soy sauce contains a massive amount of salt,a great alternative would be Liquid Aminos by Bragg’s) perfect quick meal for a quick Friday night meal. Stay tuned for my VERSION OF ZUPPA TOSCANA SOUP FROM OLIVE GARDEN!!


Kisses xoxo


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