Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day!

Hola guys, So I recently just received a huge promotion at work and have been working countless hours 😦 which in turn messes with my meals,one saving grace is that I do meal prep every single weekend (more about that in a future post). This morning I decided that I wanted something quick and healthy…

Chicken Francese

Tonight’s dinner was pretty simple and easy,after working 15 hours there was no way I was going to slave away over a hot stove for more then 30 minutes. I had already defrosted chicken the night before(thank god). I simply boiled some quinoa linguine, dredged my chicken in flour and some egg wash with some…

Intense Work Weeks Ahead

Intense work flow training for the next few weeks has got me like At least I can still eat healthy without falling off my health journey again 🙂 Enjoy your Tuesday my journey again 🙂 Enjoy your Tuesday my lovelies. Kisses xoxo

Monday Nights Burgers

Today was a pretty quick meal I whipped up: burgers and baked steak fries. Food came out pretty good. I hope you liveliest had a wonderful Monday and remember the grind never stops!it’s been a rare few warm days in NJ I hope you guys are enjoying the weather wherever you are. Kisses xoxo

Chilli Peppers/Spice Goddess

So today I went to our local Asian Supermarket to pick up a few things and I saw red habenero Chilli Peppers for $15.99lb,for the past few months every single store I have visited the price of peppers has been outrageous. Does anyone know why? I find it completely ridiculous.. I can’t live without my…

Happy Monday

So it’s the beginning to a new week and I say make it count. Life is so precious and most of us unfortunately take it for granted. New food posts and beauty posts coming this week stay tuned 🙂

Mexican Nachos

So today for lunch I decided to make Mexican Nachos loaded with fresh veggies,vans and a little bit of lean Mexican spiced chivken. ENJOY and if you would like the recipe comment below.


Hey guys happy Hump day,it’s cold and rainy outside so I decided instead of curling up under my covers I would blog(something I’ve been neglecting). I need some advice on a new name for my blog,as you all may know I’m absolutely new to blogging and honestly have no idea where to start. Your feedback…