Kheema Mutter Recipe

☆Ingredients: 1. 3 tbsp vegetable oil. You can also use any other choice of oil you choose. 2. 2 tbsp butter (1 tbsp for cooking + 1 tbsp for garnish) 3. 1 dried bay leaf 4. 4 green cardamom 5. 2 tsp jeera/cumin seeds 6. 3 cloves and 5 black peppercorns 7. 3 medium sized red/yellow…

Pizza Pizza!! Recipe 

So everyone who knows me knows my love for pizza. I do love ordering out for pizza but sometimes it’s just better to make your own at home (hubby’s preference). Seems really daunting but in reality it’s super easy.  Enjoy the recipe below!  Ingredients   4 cups of bread flour or all purpose flour. 1…

Happy Monday

So it’s the beginning to a new week and I say make it count. Life is so precious and most of us unfortunately take it for granted. New food posts and beauty posts coming this week stay tuned 🙂

Mexican Nachos

So today for lunch I decided to make Mexican Nachos loaded with fresh veggies,vans and a little bit of lean Mexican spiced chivken. ENJOY and if you would like the recipe comment below.


Hey guys happy Hump day,it’s cold and rainy outside so I decided instead of curling up under my covers I would blog(something I’ve been neglecting). I need some advice on a new name for my blog,as you all may know I’m absolutely new to blogging and honestly have no idea where to start. Your feedback…

Aye Caramba!!

Since it’s Tuesday I thought it would be fitting to cook tacos for taco Tuesday. I whipped up a spicy version of Chicken Tinga and used white corn tortillas. For the toppings I used shredded lettuce,tomatoes,chopped onions and radishes, I didn’t have cilantro or jalapeños on hand or else they would have definitely been used….

Workout a Sweat!!

As of recent I’ve fallen off the healthy bandwagon due to some unforeseen circumstances but I’m back with a vengeance. Even though it’s Saturday I figured I would not let a few free hours before a night out go to waste, I went to the gym loving the fact that it was half empty and…