Spicy Chicken Curry

Its freezing and I wanted to make something that didn’t take me standing at the stove for too long…so Curry Chicken or Chicken Curry it was. I always have my Holy Trinity* on hand in my fridge (pureed ginger,garlic and chilli peppers) and that’s the base if my dish. I also use a cinammon stick,cardamom, black peppercorns,bay leaf and cloves. I start off by adding oil to my vessel along with the aromatics listed
above (cloves, bay leaf etc) I then add chopped onions and let them sweat a little then I add my Holy Trinity* and let it cook for about a minute or so. I then add tomatoes (pureed,canned,or chopped doesn’t matter as it will eventually disintegrate) and turmeric,chilli powder, salt and finally my chicken. I sometimes add Shaans Chicken Curry Powder but not always( it can be found at any Indian store). I let it cook for about an hour till its fall off the bone tender and garnish with Cilantro. I usually eat it with naan,rice,kachumber(salad) and of course I need lemons or limes to drizzle on top. Enjoy lovelies..if you need exact proportions leave me a comment below.


Kisses xoxo


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