I’m a huge fan of smoothies in every way.  Smoothies pack a whole ton more nutrients in them then solid food (#win)This morning on a early grocery run I decided to pop into Panera and pick one up. I usually get their green smoothies but I had just bought some beets & chia seeds and asked the lady if she would add them to my smoothie as well. Luckily she said yes and waa laa my perfect smoothie. This particular one has kale,mango,beets,banana, chia seeds and blue berries I believe.


I am always making smoothies at home with various fruits and veggies along with either greek yogurt,coconut or almond milk and I never follow a particular recipe but that’s what makes it fun! I’m also on the lookout for a new blender,my current blender is an old outdated you guys have a favorite?I’m looking for something economical because at this point a blendtec or vitamix is not feasible..lemme know.Do you guys love smoothies just as much as me? Do you have a favorite recipe?


Here is one with a packet of Shakeology,bananas,almond milk and flax seeds. I am no longer a coach for Beachbody/Shakeology nor do I buy it anymore due to the price but I’m simply trying to use up my stash.

Kisses xoxo


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