Quick Saturday Lunch: Sausage &Peppers


When you’re on the go there is nothing better then a quick and easy meal. I had some Hot Italian Sausage in the fridge which I grilled on my cast iron grill along with yellow,green and red bell peppers. I then added some bottled marinara sauce (Ragu my fav) I know some may cringe at using bottled sauce but hey its quick! I peeled and cut up some potatoes*(see side note)which I coated with some olive oil and sea salt then popped them in the oven. I toasted a hoagie roll and put in the sausage,peppers and sauce with the baked French fries in the side. Of course I always need ketchup on the side for my fries. Enjoy loves!

*Side Note: After peeling the potatoes I put them in ice cold water for thirty minutes and then thouroughly dried them off completely before adding the oil and sea salt.I’ve found this makes the fries crisp.

Kisses xoxo


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