Snowstorm Jonas

So as many of you may know New Jersey was hit with a epic blizzard the past weekend. Where I live we received 30 inches and more accumulation in some areas due to drifts. Needless to say digging out will not be complete for a while. We recently purchased a new snow blower (Snowjoe) from Home Depot because shoveling was just exasperating,unfortunately Jonas dumped more snow then Joe could handle. Schools have been closed for the past two days which means fun for the kids,these past few days consisted of Netflix and Food,Food,Food!! Today for breakfast I made a simple sandwich on a toasted everything bagel,ham and eggs seasoned with FlavorGod Himalayan Salt and Pink Peppercorns. I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!! If you’re on the east coast how much snow did you get?




Kisses xoxo


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