Happy Sunday! 

So before I hit the streets to enter Costco mayhem I decided to cook the family brunch to fuel up. I am one of those people who could literally spend hours upon hours in Costco without even realizing it. The Costco where I live is complete chaos on the weekends and it literally can take up to 45 minutes just to get in the door after finding a parking spot,anyone else have this issue? Where do you guys shop? Back to my brunch, I simply made scrambled eggs with veggies over spinach,Taylor ham/pork roll(it’s a Jersey thing),maple glazed ham steak,bacon(let’s face it bacon is life),hash browns (extra crispy of course),toast with cream cheese,some grapes and tomatoes. It was a win in my household Yayy! What do you guys like to eat on the weekends? Till next time…


S ❤️ 



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